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This grant will allow us to prototype developmental assessment technologies with three integrally-informed organizations who would otherwise not be able to afford scaled-up assessment projects. Adult developmental models of ego maturity, leadership, wisdom, and related capacities can help us map out the milestones and compass points of human potential that are so deeply needed to address contemporary challenges.

Unfortunately, those assessments with the highest quality and most integral orientation are expensive because they require hand-scoring by highly trained individuals, and that has limited the uptake of developmental approaches in society.

Our research is exploring the application of state-of-the-art text analysis and machine learning to build automatic scoring systems that could drastically reduce the cost of doing large-scale assessments based on sentence completion tests. This technology also has the promise of being extended to analyze arbitrary text such as twitter feeds to get rough estimates on developmental aspects of groups.

Large scale assessments of adult development will open up new territories for integral and developmental researchers and practitioners such as correlating ego development with personality typing systems and doing truly random sampling over populations. We have identified three integrally-informed change agency projects that could benefit from this new technology and that are excited to serve as test beds for its continued development, including these application areas: assessment of post-conventional characteristics of emerging spiritual leaders; leadership development for a public radio organization, and correlating ego development with other personality and capacity assessments in a college cohort.

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About Tom Murray

Tom Murray, Ed.D., works part time as a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Massachusetts School of Computer Science and is Chief Visionary and Instigator at Perspegrity Solutions. Murray's projects include research on: using text analytics to estimate developmental levels, using artificial intelligence methods to create responsive learning environments, and supporting social deliberative skills and deep reflective dialogue in online contexts. He is an Associate Editor for Integral Review journal, and has published articles on integral theory as it relates to education, contemplative dialog, leadership, ethics, knowledge building communities, epistemology, and post-metaphysics. Info:,, email: