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2016 Grant Finalists - Donate and Vote!

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We are raising money to support some of the world's leading Integral thinkers. Through our pooled resources and stewardship, these leaders will be supported as they apply integrative approaches to solving real-world challenges. Together, we are building credibility for these types of applications and helping to advance the field of Integral Theory and practice. Click here to read more about the projects and their leaders.

  • Caucus for Children's Rights (CCR) led by Kate McAlpine
  • Developmentally-Oriented Fundraising led by Jennifer Jones
  • Energy Futures Lab (EFL) led by Tamara Connell
  • Homeless Services Leadership Training led by Heather Larkin
  • Integral Economics led by Elizabeth Castillo
  • Integral Nepal Project led by Shushant Shrestra & Gail Hochachka
  • Let's Drink Less by Half led by Riina Raudne
  • PUP Global Heritage Consortium led by Jon Kohl
  • SSU Core Leadership led by Mark Fabionar
  • StagesLens Text Analysis Research led by Tom Murray
  • The Natural Design Navigator led by Mark R. Dekay

Listen Now: Project Spotlight on Caucus for Children's Rights

Kate McAlpine, Ph.D. presents her project on the Caucus for Children's Rights at the 2015 ITC Conference.

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